CHILD Ticket:


If you are coming by your own transportation, your meeting point will be: Dubai Outlet Mall in front of the main Entrance (Dubai – Al Ain Road). Or to the Balloon launch Area provided by the passenger coordinator.



RESERVATION & Age Requirements :


Following are the ABP (Able Body Person) criteria for passengers:

Physically strong and healthy; robust

Passengers we are unable to accommodate:

Following disability persons also can fly:

Cancellation Policy:


Hot Air ballooning is an outdoor adventure activity using rural properties that can be uneven or overgrown for takeoff and landing, Using Safety Belt fitted inside the basket. While the flight is gentle, landings can be bumpy and the basket may occasionally lay on its side with passengers lying horizontal for a short time. Please ask if you have any concerns. The packing-up tasks at the end of the flight are optional and we would appreciate your assistance in these enjoyable activities. However, they do involve some lifting and participation is entirely voluntary. Passengers that are less able-bodied are invited to stand back and take pictures of the fun.



We recommended that disabled persons seek medical advice before participating in a balloon flight. Civil Aviation Safety Authority rules prohibit certain disabled persons for safety reasons. As stated above the passenger must be able to climb in and out of the basket unaided in order to participate in the balloon flight. Disabled passengers participating in the balloon flight do so at their own risk and the Operator accepts no liability for any damage or injury caused. 

General Mobility:

It is a General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and company requirement that Passengers flying with the operator must be able to climb into the basket unaided, so that in the event of an emergency passengers are also able to climb out of the basket unaided. The side of the basket is approx. 1.1 meters high with two footholds for passengers to use like a ladder when climbing into the basket. The operator’s staff will be in attendance to supervise the passengers climbing into the basket but are not allowed to actively assist passengers into the basket. The Pilot in command will make the final decision on whether a passenger is able to climb into the basket unaided and therefore travel on the balloon flight. In the event that the Pilot refuses to allow a passenger to board on this basis the Passenger will be given a partial refund through their booking agent or by Hot Air if they booked directly with operator.

Pregnant Persons:

We recommend that pregnant persons do not fly in a hot air balloon and will not carry passengers who are pregnant for more than 3 months. Passengers who suspect they may be pregnant should check with their doctor before travel.

Scuba Diving:

We will not carry passengers who have participated in a scuba dive the night before their balloon flight. Passengers diving the day before travel should check with a qualified dive master as to the safety of the passenger in participating in the balloon flight. The Operator usually does not fly above 4, 000 feet altitude and most flights are around 2,000 – 3000 feet altitude. Passengers diving the day before travel who participate in the balloon journey do so at their own risk and the Operator accepts no liability for any damage or injury caused.

Medical Conditions:

Passengers with medical conditions should check their suitability to fly prior to booking and advise our staff when booking. As the entire tour last more than 4 hours, passengers are advised to carry any necessary medication with them. Persons with medical conditions participating in the balloon flight and pack up activities do so at their own risk and the Operator accepts no liability for any damage or injury caused.

Alcohol and Drugs:

At no time will a passenger be allowed to fly if their judgment is impaired by alcohol, drugs, or prescription medicine. Passengers not able to fly may at the discretion of the Operator be given a partial refund through their booking agent or by Operator if they booked directly with the Operator.

Carriage at Pilot’s Discretion:

The pilot in charge of the balloon has absolute discretion in deciding whether a passenger will fly or not. Such decisions are made in the best interest of the safety of the passengers and crew and the Operator accepts no liability for any inconvenience or damage caused.

Flight Times and Duration:

The Operator operates balloon flights early in the morning as close to sunrise as possible, but does not guarantee passengers will be in the air at sunrise. Balloons travel with the wind, which governs their speed and direction. Accordingly, the duration of the flight may vary slightly at the pilot’s discretion.

Private Charter:

The private charter of balloons will be subject to the total of the passengers’ weight. Quotes are available from the operator for specific group sizes. Please provide each passenger’s approximate body weight upon request for the quotation.

Days of Operation:

Hot Air balloon rides are operated by the Operator daily (Except June, July & August due to the weather conditions). The Operator reserves the right to alter flight and pick up availability at any time.

No Warranty:

The Operator does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or reliability of any information, service, or product listed on the Operator’s website.

Itineraries, Pickup and Drop off Times:

The times given in brochures, website, emails, over the phone or other means are approximate and subject to change depending on the sunrise timing and your exact pickup location. They may be earlier or later than those described and a closer time can be given to you upon reconfirmation with us the day before travel. Some small delays may ensue on the morning of travel if people to be collected before you are late arriving or there are traffic hold ups, which are out of our control. All efforts will be made to contact you if we are going to be more than 20 minutes after your scheduled pickup time. Under no circumstances shall the Operator be liable for any loss, claim, or any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages which arises out of or is in any way connected with the use of any information, any listing of any data on the operator’s website, or any delay or inability to use this website based on tort, contract, strict liability, or otherwise.

Condition & Changes:

The Operator reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions contained herein at any time. Visitors to the site shall be responsible for reviewing such term and conditions regularly.

Photographs, Filming and Media:

 As part of your Hot Air Balloon tour, Hot Air advises that photos and/or film are taken daily as a service to all our passengers on the morning. By travelling with Hot Air you are accepting that you assign all copyright in such photos and/or film to Hot Air & acknowledge that Hot Air has & reserves the right to use such photos and/or films in any medium & in any reasonable manner whatsoever without payment or notification to you.

Gift Vouchers:

All gift vouchers are valid for a season (Sep – May) from initial date of purchase and are fully transferable within that period. Gift vouchers are not refundable in part or full and cannot be redeemed for cash. If you wish to extend the validity of your voucher, this can be done for a further 2 months without extension charges.

Failure to Load:

If you fail to show for your tour for any reason, you will not receive a refund and it will be considered as no show.


Most pilots try to perform as smooth a landing as possible. This becomes difficult if the air at ground level is moving at more than the expectations or so. If the balloon is moving at this speed or more when it contacts the ground, the basket (which usually does not have wheels of any kind on the bottom) may drag for a bit or even tip over. Even the presence of ground crew may not help much. The combined weight easily exceed the weight of a large automobile. Pilots can improve the situation by landing in a spot protected from the wind, such as behind a line of trees or in a small valley. Once the balloon has landed, the envelope is deflated and detached from the basket. The envelope is then packed into its carrying bag. The burner and the basket may be separated and all components are packed into the retrieve vehicle.